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As part of our valued Liv family at Liv Crossroads, it’s our goal to make everything convenient so you have time for what matters most. We’ll help you reserve the Hub for your next family get together or corporate meeting. We’ll arrange for mobile pet grooming to come right to your home or arrange for recycling to be picked up on your doorstep. Check out games, movies, or household tools from our office to save yourself a trip to the store. Our friendly team is here to help you.

Comfortable chairs surround a firepit on the patio by the pool.

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Liv Crossroads Nearby Attractions

We’ve got the best community you could ask for and we think you’ll feel the same. Where else can you get a pastry, coffee, drinks, dining, theaters, close by? In fact, our whole community is hopping. Our community is the perfect spot to get together with friends for beers up the street, nice dinners, and close it out with sunset views from your home.


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Cafes & Coffee
Parks & Recreation